Holda and Mary of the Snows

Maga FAL on the Goddess of Winter and the Snow.


In Jacob Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology, he describes how many of the aspects of Holda – also called Holle, Hulda, Frau Holle –  the sacred things associated with her, became sacred to Mary after the introduction of Christianity to the lands where she was worshiped. Holda is a goddess to whom weaving, spinning, lakes, springs, forests, are sacred – those who wish to reach her dwelling place must do so by passing through a well, where she is said to live (268). She is the beautiful, fair lady, who suddenly appears, like an apparition, in the lake, and then as suddenly disappears. Holda is also closely linked with the Winter time of the year. In this aspect, she, “like Wuotau, can also ride on the winds, clothed in terror, and she, like the god, belongs to the ‘ wiitende heer'” (268). In this guise, in more modern times, Holda can be counted as the…

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