Right, Rite and Ritual

The incredible things we do in life. The profound things that karma can unleash. The mysterious depths of the unknown grasp the ones who linger in dramatic emotional repose. Like shadows that reach out and grip ones neck as they find their heartbeat going up. Chills run through their arrogant body. That unholy arrogance born from ignorance. They feel the Holy Cathedral of Clarity about to ring the Bells of Absolute Brutal Truth. Alas, they find that they are emotionally nude in supreme sobriety. And in this, in this supreme sobriety, the One who can stay true to their Sister and Brother in the face of absolute adversity is the One who has achieved the merits of Goodhood/Godhood. Because they are True to the Truth, to their Self. Supreme light await the Ones who have been ripped and spat out in pieces over and over again and then they use this experience as the ultimate weapon to spread only Love to all sentience. Without complaining, not once. And in Divine Arrogance, in pure unadulterated Truth, the Sons of Right hold Court and Council in psychic Midnight. They hold the Rite, the Ritual, the Thinge. The Holy Judge is the collective conscious of Arman, of Ariman. Of Irman. Of the Aryan. 
We can no longer worry with the dramatic emotional ones who flicker in the dull light of self examination and cowardly falsehood. Their drunkenness defiling the sacred Holy names of our Guides, our Poets, our Teachers. At the cusp of every single decision that one makes on this maniacal planet of supreme suffering, there must be a solid over-glance into what is right and what is wrong before an action is sentenced. The weaponization of Eternal Light. Flawing those who are caught in deluded perceptions of what they may daydream they might actually be.

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