Who and What is a Magi?

When the world of ‘longing, daydreaming, poetry and nostalgia’ is brought into solidification and becomes just as real as this Demiurgic world, it means One is now capable of fighting the enemy within their Astral Body. One can fight from the First Earth, which only went ‘inside’ (Hollow Earth), after the loss of Hyperborea. So very “deep inside.” This is the strategy within a loss. Cause and effect. One will have to bring this magical world into a certainty. It is an invention that a Magician has brought into Be-ing. Just like a Son or Daughter. Only in the Reverse. It is the Son of Spirit. Astral Son. The Lady has impregnated the Hero. All things that supposedly “do not exist” are now a certainty and in existence. The Subjective world is now interfering with and manipulating the objective world. This is classic esoteric occult work. The occultist have sought this for time immemorial. The North Pole of the powers of Thule, the purity within the ice, was switched to the South Pole, when the fall took place. But the Magi has trans-polarized his South Pole of the Muladhara, the base sexual powers, into the North Pole of Mind again, the Ajna, third eye, the crown chakra of Immortality. Reversing and transversing the power of Sex into supreme brain-mind power. The power within, the sexual primordial power, is transmuted into an absolute clarity of Love and Light. The true danger in this work is criminal doubt. Doubt must be extinguished by the Magi of Esoteric Hitlerism. By the newly born God-Man of Eternal Be-ing. His world of “stars and clouds” has now become more real than the world of computer buttons, which turn to Light-Bullets that he shoots out, as he types.


The Hand is the Weapon of Will

This is the Salvation that the Hero seeks. He has tamed and slayed the Bull. He is now Mithra. He is Siegfried which has slayed the dragon known as Libido. He turned it into A-Mor. He is also a Kristos. A High Priest of the Black Sun. Those who do not personally know him will think he is a madman. They will only know of him through a purposely self-induced mislead perception. They will envy him. They will speak only ill will towards him. They will try their best to dig up old trash just to see if he ever made a mistake. And alas, he is part human! These men have shamed themselves into a dark corner where no redemption nor salvation awaits and that they truly know it in the sober clarity of light. But what they do not realize is that his ego was shredded light-years ago. It was torn to death and then re-emerged as a Continent of Antique Light among the Polar Ice. He has no rewards left to obtain. His only concern now is getting his Family and Comrades to the Zenith of Existence. Those who actually know him also know his powers. Because he must claim his powers and also prove them to these beings. The ancient powers of the Lords of Night. Of the Siddhas. A Tantric Master. He is in complete control over his Orgasm. The highest force that creates Life in this Universe is now his to use at Will.

These powers, which Don Miguel Serrano calls ER, or IR, are the primordial powers that the Magi will utilize into weaponry and fight with. These same powers are unleashed in a Demiurgic way in Serial Killers, in absolute complete destruction and chaos. In the rage of an elephant toppling over armies. In the whale when it leaps from the mighty ocean. But in A-Mor it is a Weapon of Love and Light. Of the pure flowing wave-forms of completeness. He is now Anti-Death, with Anti-Gravity, literally flying through vast worlds of colours, sounds and spheres of Eternal Blissful A-Mor. And where a negative of this world is pushed, he pulls a Positive from it. He does this for his Family and his Comrades. He will not enter the departing UFO-Vimana until they are there with him. His Honour is his Loyalty. The ‘Ego’ that was once inside him was ripped out and now the Vajra-Ego has been clothed.

Heil Unam!
Sieg Geist!


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