Pontifex Polis

We need to talk about the concepts of Lunar and Solar and where they stand with the Esoteric Hitlerists, the Walkers of the Dawn and Morning Star, the Initiate Knights of A-Mor, Watchers over the Aurora, the Sonhood of the Black Stone/Sun and Sons of the Widower.
First, the One who has surpassed the Initiation of the vortex of the Black Sun, which is the One who has been elevated to the mountainous heights of the Air, of the Golden-White Arr/Eagle, the Sun behind the sun, the realm of Arman, is also the One who now resides in the solace of sobriety and clarity. Beyond the thrones of pallid death has the Initiate gone into what We call ‘Ativarna.’ This means ‘beyond caste and colour’, beyond all human assumptions. His residence is in the Center of all things. Nothing can touch the Magus who has flirted decay and death and illuminated them with clear uncreated light. Taking all negatives and transpolarizing them into positives. The High Magic of the Alchemical solvent. The Mercurial soul that ascends from low vibrations of man and reaches unlimited fuel from absolutely nothing and all. Anti-Gravity. At this point he has attained a position beyond Solar, beyond Lunar. He is now and forever the Polar One. Pontifex Polis. The Unmoved Mover, the Pole, the Center. He will remain a Universe to Himself while watching and moving all other universes within the Central Polar Axis of the multiverse. Untouched by the Gods, he has now created a Mount Olympus for his own Ancestral Castle. He has taken on the karmic dept of his ancestral blood and resolved the matters at hand. He is now the Father and the Son and also the Mother/Sister which is the Holy Spirit.
Ru Mandal Sigos Giblaf

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