The Nahsayers

How do We not partake of the frivolous few who use our symbols and use our Teachers, Poets and even Masters to promote their own indecisive agenda? Well, We don’t. We watch from afar, in detachment, noticing and recognizing the karmic depth they reside in. The ‘Garma‘ of the ones who feel hate and anger faster than they could feel Love and Virtue. That is to say, the obvious. Those who sip from the unnoticeable chalice of Satan, perverting and preventing the ascent of their very blood and thinking they actually have clear minds to write and speak for the true authentic Hyperborean Angels of Pure Light. Those that give more power to the Judengender by the outrageous obsession with the very Juden they claim to fight against. Unfortunately, We must be patient with these few and even help them by occult means. The Phonetic Orphic Cabala must be insinuated, and thus whispered into their vibrations, between the lines of and for those who take notice. Between the shadow and the Kreuz. The Underside of shadows of the blossoming Rose when it blooms in the very Center of the Kreuz. Which is to say, the Aqu-Arian Age. The black Nahsayers swarming like gnats around Our Golden-White “Jah.”

Time is the ultimate remover of impurities for those that link up to things they know only a portion of. When the dough has hardened to a soft bread the impurities are flushed by heat as the eternal Lot remains unblemished and is presented to the High Master and Lord. Only the portion which is Right will remain. It is here the Magi of the Initiate Knights of the Solitary Star, of the Polar Virgin of Carmen, the Hyperborean Queen of Night,  the Watchers over the Aurora, Knights of the Southern Ices, the Alba-Walkers, Dawn Walkers of the Icy Morning Star, take their dutiful and beautiful flight into Forever.


Kaos Pater Ar Lagu


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