The Mystical Warrior Knighthood of the Black Virgin of Carmel, the Sonhood of the Black Sun, the Chaste Pilgrims of the Southern Ices, the final and last initiated  Order of the Morning Star of Chilli-Mapu. Wanderers of the Dawn, Soul-Walkers, the Watchmen of the Aurora, the departing Ghostship of the Aurea Catena, the Temple of Unam. The Surdic Knighthood which serves and vindicates the God of the Losers of Kali Yuga of this Second Earth. We watched as the Window was opened. Opened for a few to Enter and Exit, and now we watch as it is barely open and yet not one more soul can enter. The immense treasure is buried in the Southern ice. Within that ‘Glowing Casket’ which violates all known laws of terrestrial physics. The date and confirmation that all sacrifices performed in this life-time are absolutely not in vain.


The Virgins of the Avatara, the Sisterhood of the Virgins of the Ices of Antarktika, the Mysticae Sorores, College of Vestal Virgins of Unam, the Spirit Thought-Form of the Pale Dove, of Parakletos. The Virgin-Sister Watchers of the Glowing Ark of Antarktika, those who wait deep under the Ice.

“They represented for the participants an act of renewed consecration and a call to enter into a community that surpassed all traditional ties of an old social and familial universe, surpassing caste and class. An absolute devotion, that created a new community with its own laws. ” – Miguel Serrano





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