Absolute Personality is the ultimate drama in which the Shivaite seeks. It is what our Order seeks. We do not allow our egos to be devoured by God or to have our Self obliterated. We resurrect after the devouring into a complete Persona. Super-Ego. Re-born. Initiated. To be an Individual. In-dividuated. Inward. Implosive. To complete the division of Inner Polarity. To go beyond the Bi-Polar human. To be a Symbol among mere men. When others think or see this person they are reminded immediately of a certain archetype. The human condition is overcome through trauma and suffering. We do not preach humility and then act like degenerate trash the next moment.  We do not talk this way on one forum and then another way on another forum. We simply are. To Be. Taken beyond the condition of human tragedy. To receive the Gral with proud Selfhood.

Men will always need leaders. There will always be leaders whether man wants it or not. Society has it’s un-named leaders because nature works in such a way. We shall not go against nature. We work with nature and help her. In the Center is a Sun. This sun has the most gravity and planets revolve around it. Some close, some distant. Each planet has moons that revolve around it. In the end, they all revolve around the sun. However, the Sun must follow the Black Sun, the Black Hole. All impurities fade as they get ever closer to it’s Light. One by one the impurities fall off the Path.

The Self is lit from inside out as it revolves in its pre-destined round.


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