The Golden Chord of Esoteric Hitlerism

Coming extremely soon

“This Opus is for the “Ancestral House,” an Opus which is not meant to be read, but drank, like the Blue Blood contained in the Stone Chalice of the Gral, the Blood of the Blue Beings of Hyperborea, of the Siddhas of the Golden Chord. This Chalice made of the Philosopher’s Stone is for the Heroes to drink, the Heroes who will be transmuted into Supermen, and saved in the Golden Bird, a few moments before the sinking of the new Atlantis, that will put an end to Kali Yuga. They will be able to travel to the Other, Inner Earth, where the King of the Gral and the Amada, who hands them the Gral and helps them to understand it, awaits.

This Opus is not a book. It is the Song of the Minnesanger, of the Warrior-Troubador.”

– Miguel Serrano, The Golden Chord




6 thoughts on “The Golden Chord of Esoteric Hitlerism

      1. No words are capable of shining forth so much True HEART as yours are for this important work. Some of us will always know that. Serrano surely loved you for your heart and would delight in your efforts and your understanding that you as a poet can put into words like no other.


  1. I read this book and some from Evolas great Stuff. After reading Evola I noticed a thrombosis in my Leg (which I opened myself). When read El/Ella my big Toe re-pump Energy:-)

    Sieg Heil from Germany!!!


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