The end of history and the passing to the New Earth

Julius Evola believes that the Fourth State, that of atheist collectivism, of automation, of the society of ants, of the demographic explosion of the animal-man, modifies all coordinates of events, surpassing any attempt at universal domination by any groups, whether of the Church of Rome, of Freemasonry, or of the Jews, through finance, or the attempts of any other type of organization, even Bolshevism itself. The Third State, that of the bourgeois, is finished, and now we fully enter into the catastrophe, in the final descent of the Kali Yuga. The powers that direct this drama are those of inertia, chaos and nothingness. That is to say, Satan. We must recall that for the Gnostics and the Cathars, Jehovah was Satan, the Demiurge of the Kali Yuga, creator of the Inferior Earth. The contact with the Divine Hyperborean Hierarchies becomes increasingly tenuous. Perhaps it is now about saving only the elect, those worthy of passing to the New Earth. And this time, it will not be in an Ark, but in a “Disk of Light that will come from the sky”, on a Winged Serpent.

We have already said, that just like man, the Earth possesses a subtle astral form that must be made conscious, eternalizing itself before the destruction of its physical sphere. Only in relation with man, “synchronistically”, will this be achieved. Professor Jung knew the profound relation between man and the earth when he wrote to me, years ago, about the great earthquakes in Chile: “The land sets itself in tune with man in his destructive passion”

  • Miguel Serrano “The Golden Chord” ( Artwork by Vladimir Ferrada )

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