Black Sun, Green Light

The Golden Sun of daylight, the light which makes matter visible is but a reflection of another light which is not visible to human eyes. It can only be detected. This light of the Black Sun is the darkness which allows golden shadows to shine. Without this superior mirrored light We would not know what it means to be good, to be of God. This darkness which does not represent satanic darkness, but the spiritual dwelling of dark-matter. Scientist have now concluded that this energy can be found wrapped in a band around our planet. Could this be the collective souls, the spirits of mankind before and after they inflate bodies and plants? The sudden shift into this light is the ascension of the New Sun which shines within the Other Earth, the anti-earth, the polar opposite of this earth.

Beyond this sensual perception there awaits a quickening which takes place. The click of the mind, as if a switch is turned on. The flash of Green Light, the Green Ray of the Venusian Aurora, the Green Thunderbolt which slices the mind into Pure Perception. Now only One exists. Godhood, Goodhood. The cold blue light of the Morning Star has put itself into the veins of the Hero turned God-man. Now there only exist One HE and One SHE, within One Ego which is a Total Individual, a complete Persona. This is the ultimate dialogue of Esoteric Hitlerism in it’s applied occult technique. One is now and forever not ‘this’, or even ‘that’, now One simply is.



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