ManOs ~ 555

The archetype repeats itself through out infinity. The Zodiac turns into pyramids and then into castles. 12 are the number of rooms in a castle representing “Heaven on Earth.” As above, so below. The human body is also a castle, a mountain and a Zodiac. The Pole turns into the Mountain and then into a tree. The mountain is a tantric symbol of Totality and wholeness. The peak being masculine and the cave being feminine. Lingam and Yoni. The spinal cord of man is a Pole and is also the Iggdrasil, the Tree of Terror. The kundalini process enforces the spine, the Pole, to straighten itself. The trunk of the tree is the brain stem. The tree is upside down in this polar symbology. The golden fruits are the various chakras and energy points located through out the body. Kundalini awakening is the ancient Arcanum. It is the Holy Grail. In the east they have various terms for this well known process. Nibana, Satori and etc. Here in the west we know little of it. So we have myths and stories to describe it. The Grail, the Golden Fleece, the Sleeping Beauty after slaying the dragon. The dragon or bull is the primal body of flesh

What happens in the solar system also repeats itself in mankind. This is the Great Remembrance, the Fountain of Plenty. Saturn is the God of time and was once the most cherished God in the sky. Even cherished more than the sun. This was the timeless realm of the Golden age. Saturn was shackled and imprisoned when time began. Venus-Lucifer was thrown into the solar system and was both the Hero and Priestess. Entering into perfect alignment to form the Morning and Evening Star it is the example of Totality and equilibrium in the sky. Venus is Our Star. Zeus is the mighty Jupiter. Chief of the Gods. He is Wotan. The Judge of the Bauhutte.

The human hand has the entire sky imprinted in it. The thumb being Venus and so on. The four fingers have three houses on each finger thus creating 12 houses of the zodiac. When kundalini awakens all power is directed towards the Hand. This is the great mystery of Manu and why the Hand is so prominent. The Magician uses his Hand to direct his Will. Various mudras are imprinted into the Akasha by undiluted Will. The human hand is the first thing to form in the womb. The Hand is also a human body. Five is the Key. 555. Two hands, two feet and a head. Pentacle. All forming the V, or 5. The ‘Fifth heaven downwards’ is where Jupiter begins. Saturn and beyond is free from evil. It is also where the angels are at the throne without Kristos being there. The 6th and 7th heaven has Kristos on the throne. In the human body, this represents the heart and up. All below the heart is of the Golden Sun.The heart and above is the Saturnian realm of the Black Sun.


2 thoughts on “ManOs ~ 555

  1. In “Son of the Widower” Serrano said, “Thus ‘God’s people’ come into being, those who are of Yahweh, Saturn, Sat-an (Satur-day, Sábado, Sa-bbath).” And also “…made prisoners under the hypnosis of the Demiurge with help from Satan-Saturn-Jehovah and its genetic robots, the Jews, as has already been said.” On the north pole of Saturn itself, there is, strangely enough, a hexagon.

    I can only conclude that Saturn is possessed by the Demiurge…

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    1. Yes. Saturn, the King of Hyperborea, was made prisoner when the “Fall” happened. When we reach our Totality ‘time’ disappears and our own “Saturn” is freed. I feel Saturn became Satan by the Demiurge and that is why pop media is obsessed with Saturnian imagery.

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