The Chakras in Simplicity

The Chakras in Simplicity

The problem with the West and esoteric tradition is that a lingering Puritanical ethos has made it difficult to talk about things without seeming taboo. The Aryan should be able to discuss things without the fear of seeming ‘sinful.’ Let Us talk about the chakras and their real meanings. Let Us not play around the bush like PC liberals.

The base chakra is earth and is located where fecal matter is deposited and exited. It is the base earth. It is the prostrate gland right up under the genitals on the scrotum. When it activates it feels as if something is tickling the scrotum. The genital chakra is where Our urine and semen reside and is the water chakra. This is located in the genitals. It is the sexual chakra. It feels like one is having sex with the universe when it is activated. Next is manipura and is the gaseous chakra of fire and metabolism. This is behind the belly button and is where the two forces or ‘rivers’ meet. When activated this feels like a burning caress is being given to one by God. Anahata or the heart chakra is air and is the lungs. It is the vril which is the inhaled breath. It is the “winged serpent”, thus the shape of the lungs on the spine. A ‘Oneness’ and total compassion is activated here. Next is the chakra of sound and exhaled breath and is in the throat. When activated the throat and nasal is opened and one can breathe deeply while awake. Then comes the third eye which is sight and light. This is located in the very ‘Center’ of the brain. When activated it feels like God is kissing ones brain and body. A tickling sensation, quite warm, is felt on the forehead. Finally the Total-Mind chakra is flowered into blossoming. This is the Top of the Pole, located between the brain mass and the cranium. It is the ‘North Pole’ and is symbolized by the ‘openings at the Pole.’ This is most farthest midnight. It is Absolute Love and separation in Total Unity with All when activated.


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