Germany the Tulku

The Tulku of Esoteric Hitlerism

Germany was One Folk, One Being. The various towns represent different organs in the body. The folk of Germany are the atoms which make up the Tulku.  The rivers that flow here and there are the veins of this Giant Being. The lungs are the mighty forests which hold the sacred sites. The various Holy Sites located on the Ley Lines are the chakras, the Golden Apples, the constellation points of the earth repeating themselves from the archetypal sky. The archetype repeats itself over and over. The man who is this Giant in human form is the Fuhrer. For He is Germany. He is the Zodiac and Tyrkreuz and at the same time he is entire Germany which is now the collective Aryan race.

We can see the base chakra as being Munich. There is where it begins. The Putsch. In the lower extremes of Germany. With blood and flame. With Mystical Death. We can see Berlin as being the heart chakra, the heart of Germany. Capitol. The rallying of the heart. The flames of the torches are lit up in the night. Berchtesgaden, the Fuhrers Burghof, the Mountain of the Grail, Grailsburg, in the Higher Alpines, is seen as the Crown Chakra. Because the North is now the South. It is the ‘Antarctika’ of Germany. Where the ‘Sleeping King’ waits with his ravens. King Barbarosa (Bar-Bar-Os-a) sleeps while it continues as the esoteric war. The psychic Giant has awoken in All.



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