Half a decade of intentional media disinformation has made the object and subject of the UFO a laughing stock. What is the UFO truly? Those who have witnessed the UFO are struck with uncanny feelings along with its appearance. If the phenomena known as synchronicity were to take shape then ‘that’ would be the UFO. The UFO is a portion of Oneself ‘winking’ at Oneself. The UFO is the round wholeness of the central Self. It’s miraculous appearance announces the answer to all sentient riddles. The UFO is the portion of Oneself that stayed behind in the Orphic Egg and waits as if One were waiting by a childhood spring. The UFO-Vimana, the ‘Stone that levitates’, is the perfect culmination of HE-SHE as a Totality. It is the ‘other-side of the mirror’ reaching in and unto Oneself.


3 thoughts on “The UFO

  1. Early November 2013 I was working as a security guard in a place called Grove Court in Blanchardstown in Dublin (Ireland). About 1 a.m I was patrolling the site. When I got to a wire mesh fence dividing the site from the car-park of the neighbouring shopping centre I saw a large green and red light hovering then moving across the car-park (the light is hard to explain: it was actually two interlocking ‘lights’ consisting of alternate red and green spokes radiating outwards). At first I thought it was a dangerously low flying aircraft. I stepped back to get a better perspective and realized that this thing was right there in the car-park and not high above it. I then pressed pause on my mp3 player and heard no sound like a engine etc. I pressed my face against the mesh and looked closely. This ‘light’ was not a machine. It was quite plainly a moving and animate light which was moving with what looked like purposeful behaviour. For example when it reached a car (the c.p was almost empty) it would hover above it like it was examining the vehicle. After a few minutes this entity (as I had begun to think of it) moved towards a building and disappeared behind it. Thinking the show was over I started walking away. I then looked over my shoulder and saw the entity swooping back over the building and proceeding along the roadway. I changed course and followed it along the fencing until I got no longer see it. Deciding to abandon my patrol I returned to my security hut. There I made some green tea then lit up a cigarette at the doorway. Behind the hut was a football pitch (soccer not NFL) and beyond that was a hedge. Suddenly from beyond the hedge I heard a girl laughing hysterically then a young man chanting “UFO,UFO,UFO.” I remember thinking to myself it might have been a Unidentified Flying Object but it was definitely no flying saucer or other mechanical device.

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