The Path to Hyperborea (A Conclusion)

For those who have believed in me thus far…..

The Path to Hyperborea – A Key  freely given to the Hero

What does it all mean in a simple answer? Since the Gods do not feel anything themselves they chose a chance-destiny in order to feel Love. This is what caused the partition of the Orphic Egg. The Orphic Egg, that which existed in silent spirit before the ‘Bang.’ This is the cause of the ‘Bang.’ The effect was the loss of Paradise and Totality. The Gods did not realize that they would have to fall so very far, to lose One another, to have to be split apart, to feel agony, to feel so very much in order to reunite with their opposite. To be One again. One, Unam. This is the cause of suffering. If One did not feel Love and the potential for Love then they would not suffer. Therefore, giving Love is better than suffering. Because Love can also be cold. We must also conclude that We are born from the very Gods. The Gods EL-ELLA and ELLA-EL (HIM-HER and HER-HIM, God and Goddess). It is like breathing, the ‘Bang’ is an exhalation of Geist (Ghost-Spirit) energy whilst finding this Hyperborean Path of the Leftwards Swastika is assuming the Inhalation, the ‘taking in (towards the Center)’ of Geist energy. Immortal energy. Poetic vibrations of A-Mor. The nostalgia for the former enchantments of childhood. The feeling of Oneness with the environment. To have a delicate ‘friendship’ with nature again.

Magical Death is the first act. The fall, the ‘Bang’, because We wish to feel Loved and to give Love. Thus We proceed forward on this Path with an Initiation of Magical Death. We repeat the archetypal event which echoes through eternity. The second act is the Will to find the ‘other half’ that got swept away. We walk the shores of white snows in search of the fiery Lilly of Eternal Love. The Vira can see ‘Her’ in all women. The potential for Selfhood in the mirrored eyes of Her. The third act is Resurrecting. After the battle that Love creates and permits, One will be in the ‘Black Night of the Soul’ until Love is consumed. One, two, three. Nigredo the Black, Albedo the White, Rubedo the Red. All this leads to a non-existent colour which is not even imagined yet. It only exists in potentiality. THIS is the true Alchemy of the Highest Caliber. Noble Initiation. Adel.

In this conclusion We must also conclude that it is literally impossible to find Hyperborea without being in and OF Love. Without A-Mor there is no Salvation. Much less the physical bliss of Kundalini. Those who Love have the opportunity to reach Salvation. There are two methods for this. The right-hand path which is the way of the Godly Saint and the left-hand path which is for the Luciferian Magician. This Experience is a way ‘Out’ of Demiurgic space-time. A-Mor, Love without Death, is the ‘Entry Into’ and the ‘Exit From’ this place We find Ourselves in. Thus, Sa-Turn (of another round), turn-ing, is freed from his bondage of acquiring the role of Satan. Of being the eternal paralytic of Time. A form of Time which is exposed to entropy and gravity. They are the UFO in complete wholeness. Total Man and Woman. Salvation. Both Him and Her will experience the gift of Kundalini which is the Blood of the Gods, fiery blue, the Cold Light of the Blackest Sun. In the Golden Shadows of the Twilight Bliss of Kundalini. The drug that never ends. The orgasm that never stops. The Bi-Polar who has reached the One-Pole by bringing the two together. At this point the weapon used is Implosive Electro-Magnetism. Only the most Noble of Souls are allowed to manipulate Time and Space, to enter the dreams of others, to Shapeshift, to be a Soul-Walker, to be responsible for Eternity.

Salvation is only achieved by the true Aryan. The twice-born. The beautiful Ones. The tender angels of complete silence. Those who work telepathically and with happiness. The Ones who are now ‘Beyond Race’, ‘Beyond Religion’. They are above Caste. The Ones who shape the Spirit. 

Repetition is Key. Bring the archetypes inward. Towards the Center. The Mani-Pura. Literally “breathe Immortality in.” Let it fill Your body and turn You into Thule itself. An aural, ghostly, astral blue-white Be-ing of eternal fiery ice. A ‘stone which levitates.’ A UFO-Man which leaves suffering through complete Unity in Separation within this Satanic Prison of the Demiurge. Now, dwelling forever in the Green Ray of SIEG! The Bolt of Victory!


Jason, Son of Aeson, Grandson of Aeolus, Patriarch of the Winds


5 thoughts on “The Path to Hyperborea (A Conclusion)

  1. This post remains floating in my head. Gurdjieff taught that the most difficult thing to sacrifice was one’s own suffering, and I believe he was accurate. It is sometimes one’s last-ditch effort before surrendering all hope of a prevailing maya-based Will. If we cannot “have” according to our wishes, we “demonstrate” suffering which is akin to a child throwing a pity-tantrum but cloaked in the dignity of an adult. Understanding this makes suffering due to “lack” unacceptable. So we claim the Will of our Archetype; we let nature, synchronicity, and the internal dialogue be the compass; and we love our self and others, and thereby realize neither need nor desire to suffer.


  2. “Married couples should look at their relationships all over again”. Can you elaborate more on that. Miguel Serrano taught us that the way of A-MOR, the way of loveless-love is spiritual, the way of the soul and not of the physical body. How can married couples, true believers of our Cosmology that discovered it after they had children of the flesh, be able to follow the road of esoteric Hitlerism, when the way to salvation is a childless one?..


    1. You misunderstood my message. When I say apply Oneself to other places than the heart I mean One can use the Right-Hand Path rather than the physical body. I myself use the Left-hand dry path and I do not engage nor condone having children. However one can still engage in Fharma after childbirth. Serrano himself had children. The Mystical Virgin is what we are speaking of. A woman who has had children loses her mystical virginhood. And a man must never impregnate the Beloved. He must bear children in foreign lands IF he bears them at all. That is to say spreading the Aryan gene within Demiurgic creation. All this is reveled in The Ultimate Avatar.


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