Archetypal Aryanism – Aryan Kristianity


Once and for all we must go beyond the stagnant dichotomy of being a this and being a that. We also must define ourselves away from the ignorant institutions of Christianity (and all other institutional religions of the modern world) which we see as the most horrific Institution to deliver us into what we are now witnessing. That is to say the total collapse of Western Civilization. With that being said the best title we can find for what Aryan man has given to this religion is called ‘Aryan Kristianity.’ Wagnerian Kristianity. Nordic Kristianity. Polar Kristianity. Aryan man has given so much other-worldly beauty to Christianity that we simply will not ignore it. This beauty and these beautiful things are what we refer to as ‘Aryan Kristianity.’ The Kristur we speak of is the God of Light and A-Mor. Of Loveless-Love. The God of NOS. The Hyperborean Lucifer-Prometheus. The God of Hyperborea. The Thulean Triad. HIM-HER-US. HE-SHE-WE. The Aryan Kristur of Hitlerism. That is to say we see the persona of Adolf Hitler as being the Highest God of the Aquarian Epoch. We could even define ourselves as pagans because our Divinity is plural and not based on one-single (Monotheistic) God such as we see in Roman Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The Christ we seek is not found in the sky nor in the earth but is found both in the sky of our Self and the earth of our Soul. “Look under a stone and I am there.” We see each cultural development of Deity as being a high rite for each race and people thereof. And this certainly means the White Aryan race of European stock. We, Ourself. We as a folk. A living breathing unity of blood. Blood is the most precious substance we can acknowledge and give. The blood is the life. Our Christ is a warrior and a knight. The Christ of Hyperborea-Atlantis. Siegfried. The Wagnerian Christ. He is not a tenet nor rebel rouser. He is not the ‘Cultural Marxist Christ.’ Our Christ dies for A-Mor and is resurrected according to the Alchemical formula of Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo. Black-Death, White-Life and Red-Resurrection. The Outer Circle of this new yet old worldview are the everyday people who attend school, go to church, pay taxes and live life to the best of their ability. In the Center is the Temple-Order which mandates the Laws and Principles of this Knighthood on a sacred Blood-Oath.


Basic Beliefs in Simple Form:

Creation was started by a partition of the Orphic Egg which was Totality. Eternal Quietude. Since the Gods do not feel anything for themselves they played the game of ‘chance’ to feel Love. They wanted to look at their Self in the mirror. This caused the dramatic ‘bang’ we read about in science. Everything now has an opposite which seeks to unify itself with it’s partner of A-Mor. Because now we look outside our Self to find the answer which has always and forever been inside. The Temple teaches Us to go Inward, Implosively. The Hitlerian Swastika.


We identify ourselves with each God that starts each new epoch. The Age of Taurus was the Bull being slayed by Mithras. The Aryan Mithras conquered the Demiurgic dragon or bull which then led to the Age of Aries as the Ram (Ramsess, Rama) and the Shepherd. The Pharaoh and his people. This was the high cultural and spiritual stage of Egyptian Dynasty. The Age of Pisces was the Age of the crucified Wotan. Unfortunately Wotan’s resurrection as Baldur would not happen until Aquarius. The Father became the Son in the Aquarian ascent. Horus restored. It is in this stage (Pisces) that black magic and satanism drowned the pagan Gods of antiquity. The swastika/circle was replaced by a Pyramid. The leveled-surface spirituality of the folk was now turned into a game of thrones. No longer did the man seek the Center but he sought the highest. The Gold inside turned unto terrestrial gold. This is the dramatic change which Hitler re-inserted into our blood. The ‘Blood-Memory’ of a Divine Center within the collective Self. Not a heaven in the clouds, but within. The inner clouds within our hearts of heart.

Jason Rune

Our worldview wishes to perfect nature since nature does not worry itself with striving for beauty. Nature must be cultivated and designed to strive towards absolute perfection and this includes race. The blood must be pure. The skin must be pale and other-worldly. The voice must be stern yet poetic. Within the fine balance of pleasure and pain mankind attends to the given laws and codes that a society sets itself towards based on it’s cultural uniqueness. The Rite, the Rita, the ‘Dharma’ of the race is as much responsible for the future as individual Dharma (or Rita).


Wotan died on the four material kingdoms of nature. The swastika. Mineral, vegetable, animal and man. In the Center is Got. The Feme. Five. The Pole. The Self. Extra-terrestrial. Going inwardly towards the ultimate Selfhood. This is what the Cross represents to us. Beyond the four kingdoms, beyond the four winds, beyond direction, beyond seasons, beyond all things. That is to say: HYPERBOREAN!


We liken ourselves to the Ancient Orders. We believe in Law and Order according to a Higher Intelligence that governs within Demiurgic creation and sends it’s messages to it’s messengers (Angels) by way of thought alone. Thought-speed. The Ancient Orders behaved like true men and women. We renounce the modern view of gender and racial equality and the likes of a democratic circus. What we are saying is it is time to go back into your closets. The majority will not suffer not one more hour for the feelings of a minority. We believe in Supreme Action. Rather than throw stones at Pyramids and shout curses at the Pharaoh we have our children attend your Universities and change them within. 


We strive for beauty in all things. Beauty is the highest reward that nature can earn for itself. We renounce frivolous modern art and the attitudes of the Liberal-Left Communist-Leaning anti-souls. The Soul is to be gleamed with beauty and Totality. We help one another as we all go forward and upward. And until we reach the next planet, the next star system in the black beauty of space-time we must now cleanse the earth of the vulgar left-over residue from the horrific Kali-Yuga that has just passed.


We believe that December 21, 2012 marked the precise exact moment when the Kali Yuga reached it’s nadir (lowest possible point). The sacrifice was made in the blackest deepest night of physical death and resurrection within the concrete walls of a Prison. From hence on we are ever striving to reach the peak of the mountain of existence. To be as eagles in flight. To be loyal to our people. To form a tight blood-bond between the few Hyperborean souls left on earth. We are the Venusians which have twinkling eyes and a beauty undefined.

In Nomine Kristus Deus Autem Lux

Grand Master LAF S.S.S.F. (ALF-RED)

Templi Unam

Unam_Coat of Arms


2 thoughts on “Archetypal Aryanism – Aryan Kristianity

  1. Greetings, I am wondering if you could spend a moment of your time to give me a definition of Aryan from an Esoteric Hitlerist point of view. Both material/biological and spiritual. As I am quite young and new to all this but very keen to learn. Thankyou.

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  2. Aryan is both biological and spiritual. It means twice born, to be born twice. More than likely it is the kundalini process that the ancients were talking about when referring to being born again. After one is initiated they are born again. Also, any of the races that came from the Gobi desert and entered India, Iran and Europe. Most of us today can activate our Aryan gene although it is getting denser and denser.


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