Hagal – Solar Man

Esoteric Kristianism or Xristianity is what the Archetype teaches to Us in its most occult and hidden aspects. The Archetype of Pisces, which is now over, is found in the HAGAL rune. The Hagal Rune symbolizes the Total-Man, the Sun-Man, which is neither male nor female but both at the same time (El/Ella), The MAN and IR rune conjoined. Life and Death. The reconciliation of opposites. The Archetype worked mysteriously in this regard when we realize the Greek name for Jesus Christ is Iesous Xristos. I + X = HAGAL.

Xristos or Kristos is a Solar Deity. We must be careful not to ‘anthropomorphize’ the entire realm of the Archetypes because they work mysteriously ‘through’ men, symbols, language and art. Regardless of what humans do the Archetypes always express themselves in the occult realm. It is in this realm where the Warrior-Priests of Esoteric Hitlerism find the broken pieces of the Gral.

Also, INRI symbolizes Igne Naturae Renevatur Integra. That is to say that ‘nature purifies itself through flame’. Die and BE-Come!

I-ebeschah N-our R-uach I-ammin
(Earth, Fire, Air, Water)


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