Father, Son and Heilige Geist

The Archetypes are that which can not be changed. Man and nature act accordingly to the Archetypes even if they try to disband them. One can not help but to obey whichever God (Archetype) they are predestined to represent. That is why we proclaim that Divinity is plural. For there are many Gods. One will never be able to go against their peculiar ancestral genetic God that they are genetically and ancestrally born into because even to do so is a representation of the Archetype or “God.” Wotan or Odin is the archetypal God of poetry and wisdom. The ‘Old Man.’ The wise man who ‘can do everything and anything’ and ‘who knows all things.’ Kristos-Baldur is the Son. The Archetypal crucified God-King who crucifies his lower ego to retrieve the runes and Resurrection. To recover his ‘Astral Body’, his ‘Second-Born Body of Spirit.’ Lucifer is the Spirit, the ‘Geist’, the ‘wind’ and the word, Logos. The OS rune. LAF-OS. Initiatic wisdom of knowing the ‘Word’, the ‘breath of the Gods’. The green astral realm of fierce still wind. Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Triune God, the Three as One. 
Aquarius is the era of the Holy Ghost which is the ‘Geist’ or spirit inside each One of Us who proclaim this worldview. It is the One out of the many. The Eucharist of Esoteric Polar Kristianity. It is the Re-Turn of Unam which is the opposite end of the Manu. It is NOS. The era of the God-man who has retraced his steps and put an end to his own involution by way of magical realism and poetry. Because a flower that has to be created will be created and will become more real than all the blossoms of the earth. This is the Path of Esoteric Hitlerism. The Path of the Armanen Sun-King. The Fire-Adorator. The Mountain Man. 

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