Official Publication of The Golden Cord by Miguel Serrano

The Golden Cord, Esoteric Hitlerism by Miguel Serrano will be released on the 21st of August, the Eclipse. I have spent my entire adult life realizing this book. I have summoned the very Geist of Serrano into my body to translate this Masterpiece. One will find the same poetics as in the first edition of NOS in this volume. With beautiful new photos, a Glossary that spans Serranos entire career and expands even “The Martial Initiation of A-Mor.” I have written Endnotes which cover the Esoteric side of all this to help one understand. I also wrote an Appendix. This is not for the sober scholars who think we can “talk this over.” This is my sacrifice for the Heroes and the Soror Mysticas who have stayed TRUE all these years and have been there during my insanity, madness, poetry, music, addiction, death and resurrection and my Mountain of the New Thule. This is for You.

At long last we are presenting to this devastated Earth the entire English translation to the first work of Miguel Serrano’s trilogy of Esoteric Hitlerism. El Cordon Dorado, Esoteric Hitlerism is not just a book, as the Prologue informs us, it is the very green Gral which must be drank and consumed. The Spanish word Dorado does not mean gold as an objective. It is an initiatic word meaning the magical alchemical gold which is found inside the soul, the central Self. The Cord is like an umbilical cord which connects to a racial spirit. It is an interwoven thread which tells the story of the tragic connection between the heretics of various epochs of time. It is also a Golden Band of brothers and sisters which make up a community of a kindred racial spirit. The Hyperborean Spirit. A Gleisa. This magical Golden Cord is all we have left to guide us back to the extraterrestrial origins, the Ur-Star. Its light circulates within the blood. The memory of the blood. The deep longing and nostalgia which is the very weapon the Hyperborean Gods have bestowed upon us. Within this deep longing and nostalgia for our origins we will once again open a way out of this Satanic Universe.

I have spent my entire adult life translating this book. With the help of my brothers and sisters, the Gleisa of the Temple, it is now complete. I have attempted to whisper the poetic vocabulary of San Miguel Serrano in this translation. His words are weapons which should be read in a magical setting. This is not a book for sober scholars. It is to be consumed by the modern-day heretics of the Black Sun. The words in this Gral contain all one needs to escape this world by poetic and psychic, or mental warfare. An irrational dialogue between Gods and Heroes.

We are now to understand that San Miguel Serrano is to be compared to Saint Paul. Just as Saint Paul was the creator and High Priest of Christianity, San Miguel Serrano is the founder and prophet of Esoteric Hitlerism. The Führer appeared to him in the Thule of the South Pole and gave to him the revelation of this doctrine. The Führer departed in a brilliant, glistening U.F.O. Afterward, he made his way through the Venusian window towards the Black Sun and successfully entered the Green Ray. It is there that the Heroes who fight to the death wait in their eternal Hyperborean repose with him. They will very soon leave there to re-enter through the Black Sun and enter this damned world by the Morning and Evening Star to once and for all annihilate the enemy of A-Mor.

We are entering the Ultimate Death of the Western world and it will indeed die. It has to die to be reborn, as the Armanen spirit informs us. This Gral will help the Heroes of Esoteric Hitlerism to find peace within the chaos. We must now detach ourselves from all ties, from relationships, from meaningless people who bring us down. We are seeking the Ultimate Personality. We must be still in the middle of chaos. We must be cold as ice and cutting as a sword. Only those who sever all ties will drink from this Gral. There is no more time left. We shall not bargain with lesser men. We are here to complete a mission.

South Carolina, Albania
Jason A. Thompkins
May 30, Era 128

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6 thoughts on “Official Publication of The Golden Cord by Miguel Serrano

      1. The beautiful poetic words of Miguel Serrano are like nourishments and replendishments to the Aryan soul but the revelations that he provides in describing the jews and demiurgic evils/deception made my blood boils with righteous fury.

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  1. One thing that vexed my heart, how come the jews have such malevolent intentions to destroy nobility, beauty and truth. It this deliberate or pure coincidence ?


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