Thulean Ariosophy


Thulean Ariosophy is the title given to the few who can see within the Myths and the Legends of the world a hidden story. The Armanen hold the inner occult Esoteric keys which are found within the outer commonplace Exoteric religions derived from distant Thule, Our Most Northerly Midnight. Polar Hyperborean Cosmology. Trans-Celestial Alchemy. The Path that leads to the Ultra-Terrestrial (the semi-divine Vira/Hero) which then leads to the Hyper-Celestial (Divya/Divine Man). Known through time as the Bodhisattva, the Christ, the Overman, the Siddha.


12 thoughts on “Thulean Ariosophy

    1. Thank you my good friend. It’s been quite inspiring to run into you ~again~ and I am still soaking in all the books you kindly sent me. Right now I’m in the middle of “The Great Yearning” – such REAL, RAW stuff. So, thank you for being out there.


  1. I’ve been lead to this website through Franz. I am in awe of your writing here and in Ressurection of the Hero, and I would like to speak to you about them.

    If you have the time please contact me through email:


  2. I am new to this but I love it. What books should I read to learn more about this. I feel as if I am home! Please email me about this if you would.

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  3. I did my first invocation today. It was during the eclipse (08/21/17). The invocation of the Black Sun was performed by many devoted followers of esoteric Hitlerism today. Thanks to this site for spreading the message an enlightening me to this marvelous path.


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