Acolytes of the God of the Losers of the Kali Yuga

A personal review of ‘The Golden Thread’ – Miguel Serrano by Jason Thompkins.

We hope that this can offer a basic overview of Esoteric Hitlerism for those new and for those who have read the books and lived the life. I wrote it as simple as possible without getting too cerebral. This is the basic worldview of Esoteric Hitlerism. It is the final Path of the Golden Polar Spirit which ascends to create the Total-Man, or the Super-Man. Man, as in ‘Mankind.’ The image is what Serrano refers to as the ‘Kosmic-Kristos’ or ‘Kosmic-Krater.’ This image is to not be seen as a galaxy in this Universe, but beyond this Universe of Laws and Mechanics. It is the Total-Self.

There is a golden thread that runs through-out history that keeps this satanic world in an equilibrium. Keeping the polarity running without allowing total evil to sink the spirit of light. What started in Hyperborea finds itself being repeated in various men and women of antiquity. Like a chord or a tone, it repeats the same archetypal note whilst being played or sang in pitches. After the sinking of Hyperborea, which starts the swastika of time to spin from North to South, we find the wisdom keepers in the Atlantean strain of the swastika running east to west. Druids, God-Kings of Iran and Egypt, the Armanen Priest-Kings of Gaul and Germania, the Nordic boreal races of Greece and Rome, all form the Atlantean Priesthood. With the Siddhas of India and the Solar Races of the Albanian Americas. The pre-Incan, pre-Aztec, pre-Mayan dynasties of post-Hyperborea. The Sunman who has his nostalgia fixed towards the cold boreal sun of deepest midnight. The longing for the Golden Age begins here. In the Age of Leo when the Lunar Priestesses began cutting the Hyperborean hair of the Solar Kings. Of the Salmanen, the Vehmanen. Soloman, Salem. Salvation. The Priests of Peace. Each new strain of the golden spirit is eventually hunted down and wiped out by the black plagiarizing shadows of vice.

After the Druids there came the Cathars. From here we see the mighty empire of Rome suddenly falling due to racial mixing with inferior races. We find Lunar Christianity enforcing a Semitic religion on Aryans worldwide. The pagan way of life is lost to the dampening mists of Kali Yuga. From the Cathars and Templars we do not witness a blossoming of the Laurel until the Third Reich. The one thing these noble strains have in common is the fact that they win by losing. They inherently know that this satanic world is not theirs to own, nor do they think such a way. The Aryan is ready to see new stars and then go beyond the stars in a nomadic waltz of light. Only the black shadows of the White Gods could have minds like that. These men and women make up the golden thread and are the true Luciferians of Prometheus and Quetzalcoatl. The true wisdom keepers of the Polar Christ of Atlantis.

Circles within circles. Golden circles obeying the Geomantic golden ratio. Those that make best of the spiraling effect of Kali Yuga. Making the spirals beautiful by helping nature sing  the Duet of Existence. Those that bear the blue blood of the cold blue flame. Hyperborean genes singing the Minne (Blood-Memory) within our very blood in polar midnight. The Luciferian light of the North. The Light of the North, of the cold Black Sun, casts no shadows. It is the Ancestral Mansion above this world. It is the Eucharist of Solar Kristianity. Each part of the loaf (LAF) is the essential God itself. Where the Aryan eats the God within him when eating of the loaf. When the Aryan drinks his own blue blood when taking a portion of the wine. The micro-God participating in total obedience that willfully forms the total Macro-God. We consider the ancient greeting in Aryan India ‘Namaste’: “I greet the God within You.” In the golden thread we witness the same Hyperborean spirit repeating itself over and over in the eternal return of the same. The only difference is the chord being sung at a different pitch.

Now that Leo sets in the West and is on the absolute other-side from Aquarius we see the Third Reich use the swastika of re-turn. Now we are going back up, South to North, East to West, until the pendulum is on the side of the Golden Age. Certain midnight. Nothing can stop the momentum of the new era. Our victory is written, quite literally, in the stars. We must fight to the neverend for the golden eagle of loyalty and honour. We must ‘never forget’ all the men and women who have succumbed to torture, burning, degradation and absolute annihilation from the black shadows. We must never lose sight of the Ancestral Mansion. We must guard each others rooms as One sleeps. Now that the Aqua-Arian Age is here, We must unite in Total-Man and Total-Woman.


The Memory of the Blood

What exactly is the ‘Memory of the Blood‘? The racial memories We retain in Our chromosomes delivers an unconscious pulling towards everything We have been forced to forget. The reason We crave the Black Sun is because We inherently know the Golden Sun will one day kill Us and also die out itself. The Golden Sun is not Our sun because it brings shadows. The reason We crave the Arctic cold is because that is the land of Our origins. The pure white ice. Our sun is an Ice-Sun, a Boreal-Sun. The leftwards swastika. To go backwards through time. The reversal of all values. Putting the bi-polar within One Pole. The convergence of noontide at the deepest midnight. The two swastikas help each other move when placed side by side. One spins clockwise, the other anti-clockwise. They both then move each other and Anti-Gravity is formed.

Farthest midnight is where the Graal resides. The South Pole of the body is where the Kundalini power resides. Switching the libido back into the mind-power of the North Pole – the head chakra. The bodily reversal of the Poles. Turning the sex-drive and the animalistic will to procreate into the supreme power of Vril. Everything must be put towards a mirror to achieve the Graal. In this day and age it is almost impossible to find time to do the necessary work to attain this. With the consumerist society and the current spiritual war, We find it hard to find time to attain the Astral Body, the Son of Man. But what One must know is that they can be in meditation at all times. To take it as a duty, yet not a job. To do the work of a lifetime among the sheep. To be hidden among the leaves. To tune the libido to the frequencies of the Age of Aquarius, the Aqua-Arian Age. The wine of Pisces has turned to Spirits, Ether, pure and distilled.

The end of history and the passing to the New Earth

Julius Evola believes that the Fourth State, that of atheist collectivism, of automation, of the society of ants, of the demographic explosion of the animal-man, modifies all coordinates of events, surpassing any attempt at universal domination by any groups, whether of the Church of Rome, of Freemasonry, or of the Jews, through finance, or the attempts of any other type of organization, even Bolshevism itself. The Third State, that of the bourgeois, is finished, and now we fully enter into the catastrophe, in the final descent of the Kali Yuga. The powers that direct this drama are those of inertia, chaos and nothingness. That is to say, Satan. We must recall that for the Gnostics and the Cathars, Jehovah was Satan, the Demiurge of the Kali Yuga, creator of the Inferior Earth. The contact with the Divine Hyperborean Hierarchies becomes increasingly tenuous. Perhaps it is now about saving only the elect, those worthy of passing to the New Earth. And this time, it will not be in an Ark, but in a “Disk of Light that will come from the sky”, on a Winged Serpent.

We have already said, that just like man, the Earth possesses a subtle astral form that must be made conscious, eternalizing itself before the destruction of its physical sphere. Only in relation with man, “synchronistically”, will this be achieved. Professor Jung knew the profound relation between man and the earth when he wrote to me, years ago, about the great earthquakes in Chile: “The land sets itself in tune with man in his destructive passion”

  • Miguel Serrano “The Golden Chord” ( Artwork by Vladimir Ferrada )

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Kyle speaks with Jason Thompkins, who is the current Grand Master of the Templi Unam and the artist behind Harvest Rain. Topics include: Miguel Serrano, Esoteric Hitlerism, kundalini energy, the power of the blood, jewish inversion tactics, the Black Sun, the White dawn, and much more. Jason’s email is

The Golden Chord of Esoteric Hitlerism

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“This Opus is for the “Ancestral House,” an Opus which is not meant to be read, but drank, like the Blue Blood contained in the Stone Chalice of the Gral, the Blood of the Blue Beings of Hyperborea, of the Siddhas of the Golden Chord. This Chalice made of the Philosopher’s Stone is for the Heroes to drink, the Heroes who will be transmuted into Supermen, and saved in the Golden Bird, a few moments before the sinking of the new Atlantis, that will put an end to Kali Yuga. They will be able to travel to the Other, Inner Earth, where the King of the Gral and the Amada, who hands them the Gral and helps them to understand it, awaits.

This Opus is not a book. It is the Song of the Minnesanger, of the Warrior-Troubador.”

– Miguel Serrano, The Golden Chord